Salary Box

SalaryBox is a smart attendance and payroll app. You can now experience attendance, leave management & payroll management under one app, with this you can capture employee attendance with selfie, time and location.

BSalaryBox enables employers to track attendance, location and work hours of the employees. When an employee marks his/her attendance, employee location along with time and self-photograph is captured. The application will also check if employees are marking the attendance within the permitted area thus enabling transparency for the employer.

  • Employee Attendance app with Location & Selfie Verification.
  • Employee Real Time Location Tracking
  • Easy Punch-in & Punch-out with Employee Time Tracking.
  • Integrate biometric device to simplify attendance
  • Create shift/roster and assign it to employees.
  • Leave management with real-time insights on leave balance.
  • Assign managers & manage multiple branch locations.

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