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In this new energy economy, interaction between the utility and consumers has moved beyond collecting simple data at the meter and sending out a bill at the end of the month. Millions of meters are collecting more detailed data—data that can be used in a host of new applications to empower consumers, conserve energy and improve back-end utility processes.

In the OpenWay solution from Itron, the OpenWay Collection Engine acts as the centralized hub between the metering system and utility processes such as meter data management, billing, outage management, distribution automation and load control.

In OpenWay, Itron’s smart grid solution, the OpenWay Collection Engine manages high-volume, secure communications to the meter population, including reads, disconnect, and Home Area Network (HAN) operations for your utility. It also manages device configuration attributes and firmware downloads directly to OpenWay CENTRON® meters and gas modules, allowing you to add new features and functionality over time as your smart grid vision and needs evolve.

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